What is Cashback?
Cashback is a form of discounts amount that we credit back into website wallet after a successful purchase. This amount is used to make additional purchase only on website Designer Harsha

How will I receive my Cashback?
Cashback is credited in to website www.designerharsha.com account within 24 hrs. to 48 hrs. after receiving successful payments

Where can I use my Cashback?
You can use the Cashback amount for the purchase of any products on the entire store collections of designerharsha.com

How can I use my Cashback?
You can use your Cashback wallet amount to make a purchase of any items on the website designerharsha.com

Do I get Cashback on orders where I have redeemed cashback?
Of course you will. Your Cashback discount amount will be calculated on the Products value of the Cart Items not on Stitching and Shipping Charges.

Can I get a refund of Cashback to my bank account?
Cashback is only a promotional discount amount and it can't be refunded back to any bank, Paypal or Credit Card account what so ever. It can only be used to make additional purchase on our website www.designerharsha.com.

Is there Any Validity of Cashback Amount ?
Yes, Cashback Amount is Valid for 3 months from the date of Order.

What if, I will cancel the order ?
In case of order cancellaion, store credit / cashback will be revoked.